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Jul 18, 2011 4:30am PDT
closer than ever to rupert murdoch. the resignation that is front page news this morning. and study on drivers have researchers doing a double take over the results. grandma and grandpa versus mom and dad when kids are in the back seat. >>> welcome back. it's now 4:43. monday morning and now time to get back to work. it looks like a nice day. as far as traffic goes, update on embarcadero and talk to sue hall about that. >>> more news. bbc says rebecca brooks will testify tomorrow in front of a committee examining the phone hacking scandal. lawmakers are expected to grill rupert murdoch. it has led to another resignation and arrest. london's police chief quit yesterday what was linked to the news of the world editor that was arrested in the scandal. brooks was arrested and realized on bail after 12 hours in police custody. >> there is no way where reporter can come in page 1 story, how did you get that story? >> brooks is to be arrested into murdoch's papers. they are accused of hacking cellphones of 4,000 people in search of scoops. >> they are riding in a grandparents car this than wh
Jul 19, 2011 4:30am PDT
, british lawmakers prepare to grill rupert murdoch about the phone hacking scandal. coming up new allegations he is facing. >> the scorching wave continues. i'll have details coming up. >> and final farewell for the space shuttle atlantis. >> and a east bay neighborhood takes sides over safeway for replacing an eyesore with a new supermarket. all the traffic on your carpet really adds up, leaving behind ground-in dirt and odors that vacuuming alone can't tackle. but with resolve high traffic foam, you can really see the difference. it removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone. it also neutralizes odors at their source, so your carpets are clean and fresh every step of the way. nothing revives carpets like resolve high traffic foam. don't just vacuum clean, resolve clean. it's french's crunchy onion chicken! (announcer) for a quick and easy dinner crush french fried onions. dip chicken in egg. coat with onion crumbs and bake. when dinner's made with french's french fried onions, everyone's happy. french's. happy starts here. look for it in the canned vegetable aisle. stain
Jul 20, 2011 4:30am PDT
a day after rupert murdoch denied personal responsibility in the scandal. >>> president obama says congressional leaders from both parties will start talking turkey as soon as today in a plan to reduce the deficit and raise the debt limit. republican controlled house required a constitutional budget amendment. they say the plan is no go. here is more. >>> as the clock ticks down to the deadline there is a glimmer of optimism in washington. >> i think we now are saying the potential for a bipartisan consensus. >> yesterday a group of senators dubbed the gang of six announced the plan that would cut $3.7 trillion in the deficit over the next decade that would be cuts to medicare, medicaid and social security and closing tax loopholes. over in the house, lawmakers passed the cut, cap and balance last night, it has little chance of progressing. washington may be patting itself on the back with modest progress but outside the beltway americans have had. >> it we've had enough. >> get it done, for god's sake. >> 80% of the americans are dissatisfied and angry with the federal government,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3